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Curated by Andia Newton

at Arthub Deptford

Our Tapestry Show aims to broadly consider the intricacies of what makes a contemporary tapestry. Historically, the definition of a ‘tapestry’ has been strict in regards to technique, but as our technologies evolve and fabric becomes more abundant and easily mass produced, has our opinion of what constitutes a tapestry changed?

The artists in this group show have been selected to explore the idea of tapestry from their own unique perspectives. Between Matt Payne’s storytelling drawings, Karolina Dworska’s dystopian characters, Kia Matanky-Becker’s poetry, and Janaki Mistry’s expression of identity through weaving, the group covers an expansive definition of what it means to weave a tapestry today.

Exhibiting artists:

Natasha Eves

Vittoria Camila Vilela Cogorno

Oscar Crabb

Theo Dunne

Karolina Dworska

Hamish Halley

Charlie Hawksfield

Amelia Kelly

Kia Matanky-Becker

Janaki Mistry

Andia Coral Newton

Matt Payne

Lola Rose Pedersen

Johanna de Verdier

February 2022

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