^ Artwork in Celebration of JD McDougall's Centenary, Newham Heritage Month, 2021

Commissioned by Parrabbola, with collaborators Zoe Sanders and Karolina Dworska 

^ Colour Localities, Pakhuset, Denmark 2020

With an ever-present wariness of climate disaster, my work forms a portfolio of imagined futures. I envision extreme solutions to environmental problems, such as reverting to prehistoric lifestyles or leaving the earth altogether in an arc-like space craft to avoid natural disaster which surely awaits us. These ideas culminate into hand woven images. Cloth is a basic need when it forms shelter, and a way of preserving histories (true or false) when pictorial. Each colour in my tapestries are hand dyed from plant life which I have foraged from my local area. There is a sense of foreboding, but also wanderlust. By exploring potential futures through ancient and sustainable mediums, I aim to raise thoughts about the way human lifestyles evolve through time, and how we may ourselves adapt to stay in tune with both our immediate surroundings, and our wider environment- Earth. 

^ Weaver’s Outpost, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2020

^ There Are Giant Hermit Crabs In London, International Youth Festival Kingston, 2019

^ I N T E R V A L S, The Collection, Lincoln 2018, with collaborators Karolina Dworska and Andy Williams  

^ Walking Out, General Practice, Lincoln 2018, with collaborators Karolina Dworska and Andy Williams