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All Under One Roof, Arthub x Deptford X Festival, 2022

Gathering my assets and leaving this planet, 2021

Handwoven tapestry made of plant dyed linen, copper pipe frame and aluminium tape

This weaving explores the notion of being a post-terra craftsperson. The idea behind the work came from thinking about abandoning Earth due to climate disaster and making a spacecraft my home. You can’t consider life in space without recognising how precious resources are. I’m sure a form of capitalism would also endure as a way to control and constrict resources. Ideally I’d like to continue weaving in my new extra terrestrial home. Perhaps handwoven tapestries would become a prized commodity, as they were in the ancient halls of kings and queens; the command centres of spacecraft swathed in tapestries to make them feel softer, less metal, more earthly. I would take a sheep with me, and a loom, and weave beautiful tapestries and exchange them for air and rocket fuel. 

Early 2021 lockdown thought trains ??

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